City General Insurance Company Limited

Head Office: 27, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000.

Code of Conduct for Chairman

The Board laid down a Code of Conduct for Chairperson of the Board are stated below:
a) Chairperson of the Board shall be a member of the Board.
b) Chairperson of the Board shall be elected from the Directors of the company.
c) Board of Directors shall determine respective role and responsibilities of the Chairperson.
d) The Chairperson develops the effectiveness of the Board.
e) The Chairperson shall manage the Board, preside the Board and Shareholders meeting.
f) The Chairperson shall close contact between the Board and
Management and also other related concerns.

Code of Conduct for the Board Members

a) The Board members shall be Non-executive Directors of the company.
b) The Board members shall have adequate knowledge on business management, corporate
governance issues, financially literate and able to understand financial statements and have
business insight.
c) The Board members shall ensure effective operation and performance of the Board in
conformity with highest standards of corporate governance.
d) The Board members shall attend at the Board meeting and vote for passing agendas or
any adjournment thereof.
e) The Board members shall determine its committee.

Code of Conduct for the Chief Executive Officer

a) The Chief Executive Officer shall be appointed by the Board and approved the same by  Insurance
Development & Regulatory Authority (IDRA). The Chief Executive Officer takes executive decision
within the jurisdiction of power delegated by the Board as well as regulatory authority. jurisdiction of
power delegated by the Board as well as regulatory authority.
b) He shall remain accountable to the Board for the overall performance of the company.
c) He shall implement the Board policies, decisions and strategies in effective manner.
d) He shall ensure appropriate internal audit and internal audit control process.
e) He shall develop business plan and coordinate to implement corporate planning.