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Standard Fire Insurance Policy

Description of Fire Insurance Business:

Fire Insurance: All policies issued under the heading of Fire Insurance. It primarily aims at providing protection against financial losses arising out of the operation of fire or certain other specified perils. The subject matter of insurance is usually:

Plant & Machinery
Furniture, Fixture and fittings
Goods and Merchandise
Stocks of all kinds

Direct risks covered under standard fire insurance policy:

Accidental fire, lightning & Explosion (Boilers or gas used for domestic purposes only). The perils covered by the policy in its normal terms are:

Fire: Whether resulting from explosion or otherwise.
Lightning: Whether fire results or not.
Explosion: Boiler used or gas used for domestic purpose only.

In addition to the above, this Policy also generally covers the following forms of damage :-

1.Damage during or immediately following a fire caused by

Falling walls and the like

2.Damage caused by a fire brigade or other competent authority in discharge of their duty including :

Damage caused by water or other extinguishing agents employed.
Damage caused by the blowing up of buildings to prevent the spread of a configuratio

3.Damage to property while being removed from a building or immediately after its removal from burning building caused by exposure to weather, provided the removal was justified.

Additional risks covered on payment of additional premium:

Riot and strike damage (RSD)
Explosion damage (including commercial purpose)
Malicious damage.
A fire might do very little damage to the buildings or the contents, yet the interruption of business might be very significant. Consequential Loss Policy indemnifies the insured for loss of net profit, standing charges and increase in cost of ...
This is specially designed to cater to all the insurance needs of a hotel owner. This policy has been adapted from the wording prevalent in international markets; as such coverage provided by it meets the requirements of management agreements, ...
To live in one's own home is cherished by every one of us. But it is very hard to retain a house, which is exposed to several risks such as riot and strike damage, malicious damage, atmospheric disturbance, earthquake, explosion, impact damage ...
All Industrial Risks having overall sum insured of Taka 200 million and above in one or more locations in Bangladesh shall be eligible for Industrial All Risks Policy. The Insurance provides comprehensive cover in respect of loss of or damage to ...

What risks does your policy cover?

It depends where you live, but standard homeowners insurance policies will typically help pay to repair damage caused by certain risks, or perils, including:
Fire and smoke
Windstorm or hail
Falling objects
Frozen plumbing
Water damage from plumbing, water heater, heating or cooling system or appliance.
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